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Mick Mulvaney
  OMB Dir. Mulvaney Economic Adviser Hassett on Job Numbers  CSPAN  November 2, 2018 12:28pm-12:35pm EDT

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>> you can find the earlier part to this memorial service on her website at today, news that u.s. employers added 250,000 jobs last month with the unemployment rate remaining at 3.7%, mick mulvaney and kevin hassett briefly reacted to the october numbers this morning at the white house. >> what is the take away from this? >> i think the high point is we got wage growth the highs get aen in a decade, and we have
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$250,000 job number, and we are seeing people reconnecting into the labor force in droves. since president trump was elected, 1.3 million people who were out of the labor force, who were disconnected from work have reconnected and of gotten jobs. point, it is hard to find one. when you see sustained growth like this and job market this tight, and wages this -- and wages up this much, you would expect to see inflation rise, but you have not seen it. this is what a supply side, blooming economy looks like -- booming economy looks like. it is a de-inflationary pressure that keeps goods on the bright
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side. >> real wage growth is a little bit below productivity growth, so when you have productivity growth,igger than wage you can have it not be inflationary. >> four days until the midterm elections and momentary on we'll take you to an event with charlie cook, founder of the cook political report. have that in just a bit. former president barack obama campaign trailhe today. he'll be in miami for senator democratic and gillum and president
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trump on the road with vice to ident pence traveling indianapolis for rally for epublican candidates, 7:15 eastern here on c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. respiratory >> which party will control the house and senate? election an's live night coverage starting tuesday at 8 p.m. eastern, as the come in from house, senate and government races. concession and speeches from the candidates. wednesday morning, 7 a.m. reaction to your the election, taking phone calls live during "washington journal." primary source for campaign 2018. >> c-span bus is traveling across the country on 50 capitals tour. concord, new hampshire, we asked which party should
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congress and why. should ieve republicans retain majority in both houses f congress at the midterm election. i think president trump is doing a great job at the white house enacted.policies he's congress, along with speaker their part.ying due to the economy and strong gains in the judiciary and oreign policy and world affairs, i think they are doing a good job. speaker ryan will be retiring, will be interested to see who will take over the helm if republicans maintain majority in the house of representatives and who will be speaking. with the gains they made, the doing well and i think president trump should be given the chance to continue to work with the republican majority doing so much for the country. >> i want to thank c-span for new hampshire, new hampshire does democracy better than any state. people are active and engaged, informed, ready to vote on ovember 6 and democrats are going to take control. >> control of congress changes
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election 2018 midterm that will greatly impact me, my students.d many issues are going on right now i care about, healthcare policy. mother has been greatly affected by healthcare policy nd if democrats wish to regain control of congress, i feel like myself, my family and many other americans across the country will benefit for the best. >> what happened, if congress hanges, i think have a wonderful chance to win the house, that is very, very significant. the senate about race. it looks as if the senate race would best case scenario be 50/50, worse case scenario, terms of the republicans. what will help after the midterm anybody's guess. i think indeed so many efforts the president really have got to be stopped and it will take a congress made
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democrats in order to do that. i think the country is at risk. and i think that the effects f the midterm election, depending if it switches from republican to democratic house will affect me and members of my generation significantly. i'm really proud to see all of members of my generation, all stepping up and office.for in new hampshire there is so many of us. states, part the of c-span's 50 capitals tour. >> four days until election day, n your screen is charlie cook, founder of the cook political report speaking to the american academy of actuaries looking at and predictions for the 2018 elections, live coverage here on c-span. that is what we're trying to shift through right now. kinds of ng all numbers this